Our Policy Positions

The EBLC task forces continue to discuss many of the local and statewide initiatives set for the November ballot. See below for our positions to date.

Measure X (Contra Costa County Sales Tax for Transportation) - Support
This half-cent sales tax increase in Contra Costa County will generate almost $2.9 billion in much-needed resources to fill potholes, ease congestion, purchase new BART cars, and much more. The EBLC played a key role in the development of this measure and we believe that the transportation improvements are well worth the investment.

Measure RR (BART Infrastructure Bond) - Support
This measure will replace key components of this 44 year-old system, improve rider safety, prevent breakdowns by improving core electrical and train control systems, and increase ridership capacity to take more cars off the road. These investments may not be flashy, but they are critical to the East Bay’s future economic vitality and quality of life.

Measure A1 (Alameda County Housing Bond) - Support
This measure will provide $580 million in funding for affordable rental housing production ($460m) and for down payment assistance ($120m). Housing affordability is a critical issue for our region and we are proud to share our enthusiastic support.

Prop 51 - Support  
This statewide initiative is a $9 billion state school bond to address the multi-billion dollar backlog of local projects awaiting state funding and help meet local school facility needs well into the future.

Prop 52 - Support 
This statewide initiative will require voter approval of changes to the hospital fee program to ensure that California uses these funds for the intended purpose of supporting hospital care to Medi-Cal patients and to help pay for health care for low-income children.

Prop 53 - Oppose
This initiative would inappropriately subject projects funded by local revenue bonds in excess of $2 billion to a statewide vote, undermining local control over policy, vital investments in public infrastructure, and principles of good governance.

Prop 54 - Support
This measure prohibits the legislature from passing any bill unless it has been in print for 72 hours, except in cases of public emergency. It also ensures that legislative proceedings are published online and free of cost. These changes would ensure that advocacy organizations such as the EBLC would have the time to communicate policy positions to legislators prior to final votes on legislation and hold them accountable for what is discussed in session.

Prop 55 - Support
This measure extends a portion of the Prop 30 funding for education passed by voters in 2012. The Business, Health Care, Workforce Development & Education Task Forces recommended support after discussing the clear need for education funding while noting the governance issues associated with extending a temporary tax rather than providing a long-term solution.

Prop 56 - Support
This measure increases the cigarette tax from $.87 to $2.87 per pack, with equivalent increases on other tobacco related products including electronic cigarettes resulting. The tax increase will result in $1 billion of additional revenue in 2017-18. This revenue will primarily increase funding for existing healthcare programs, tobacco use prevention, tobacco-related disease research, physician training, dental disease prevention programs, and administration. In addition, by increasing the financial cost of tobacco products voters can help protect future generations against smoking, improve health, and reduce healthcare costs.

The EBLC does have concerns with dedicating revenue for Medi-Cal from a source the state intends to reduce and imposing new taxes on the most vulnerable members of our communities. However, the health care task force voted unanimously that the potential for improved health outcomes outweighs these concerns.

Legislative Positions

All legislative advocacy positions will be posted soon.

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