Highlighting Philanthropy: Christina Adams

By Mark Orcutt, Communications and Outreach Manager
Christina Adams
(Pictured: Christina Adams)

A junior at San Ramon Valley High School and girl scout since age 5, Christina Adams transformed her passion for cycling and desire to help East Bay students into a meaningful contribution to the East Bay region worthy of recognition. Christina believes that cycling is not just a form of exercise, but a way for kids to gain confidence and develop an enriching lifelong activity.

Knowing that some children never get the experience because their families cannot afford a bike and helmet, Christina set out to change that for a class of sixth graders at Saint Elizabeth Elementary School in Oakland. After creating bicycle safety and repair workshops to prepare them for safe cycling in 2014, she spent the following year raising $8,000 and arranging for each sixth grader at the elementary school to receive a new bicycle, a helmet, water bottle, bicycle pump, repair kit, lock, and more – unbeknownst to the students.

When the students entered the bicycle-lined gymnasium earlier this year the room was filled with a lot more than the gear needed to get rolling on two wheels, but also excitement-filled laughter, smiles, and countless high fives.

By sharing her passion and providing the leadership needed to achieve her goal, Christina has left a lasting impact on the lives of those students and is an inspiration to a new generation of philanthropists across the East Bay.

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Photo credit: Amy Sullivan