Our Work

The EBLC engages on issues of critical importance to the business community and the residents of our diverse region through strategic public policy advocacy.

Our work is focused on our two primary values: economic vitality and high quality of life.

We work to find common ground and build consensus to achieve the best outcome. And we will fight tirelessly to hold our ground on both fronts because it is what employers and residents of our community demand.

Economic Vitality

Economic Competitiveness
From operational, payroll, and property taxes, to employee benefits and office space – employing the East Bay's workforce takes significant resources. And while there are reasonable costs associated with contributing to the quality of life for the community, we are dedicated to creating a competitive business environment that keeps employers in our backyard.

21st Century Infrastructure
The East Bay was not built in a day. The highways, tunnels, college campuses, reservoirs, and bridges are a result of decades of visionary investments. And as our region continues to grow, there is still much work to be done to tackle the transportation and goods movement roadblocks we face daily. To address these challenges the EBLC will strongly advocate for beneficial projects and operational improvements for the region’s infrastructure and the development of new sources of funding including sales tax initiatives.

Furthermore, we must prioritize investment in the new technological and energy realities of tomorrow by taking the lead in supporting broadband connectivity and energy storage solutions. These new advancements have the potential to unleash not only employment opportunities, but a renewed era of sustainable, healthy, safe, and prosperous communities.

Educated Workforce
A well-educated workforce not only sparks the next innovative business idea, but also provides employers with a pipeline of talent to fill their ranks and ensure they remain economically competitive. Excellence in education is demonstrated by a system that seeks continuous improvement and is relevant and responsive to workforce development needs. This system begins with early childhood education and continues through adulthood with lifelong learning opportunities. The EBLC works to strengthen partnerships between educators and employers, and advocates for STEM programs from early childhood to graduation that streamline students’ transitions to higher education and training for careers.

Quality of Life

Open Space
The East Bay is unique in its abundance of open space stretching from Mount Diablo to the Pleasanton Ridge. The preservation of so many natural and wild areas is no accident. Decades of responsible conservation have ensured that so much space is preserved for the public to explore and for wildlife to flourish. And the EBLC is committed to working alongside conservationists, parks advocates, and employers to advocate for the protection of open space for generations to come.

Affordable Housing
From filling the gas tank to stocking the refrigerator, to paying for utilities and rent – living in the East Bay is expensive. And housing costs are often cited as a primary reason employers experience difficulty in attracting and retaining qualified people to hire, especially in the areas of public safety, health services, and education. Addressing housing affordability and supply, and promoting a balance of jobs and housing, as indicated in the One Bay Area Plan, will help attract and retain employers. The EBLC also works to monitor regulations affecting land use and advocates on key concerns, such as planning and zoning.

Access to Health Care
All East Bay residents need access to world-class health care they can afford. The EBLC works to educate the community and our members on the impact of health care reform and the Affordable Care Act, to influence the future direction of reform efforts, and to advocate for health care legislation that is both effective and appropriate.

Leading Members

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